Presenter application

The eConference format is reflects three stages in schoolwide transformation. Choose a topic that is relevant your area of expertise and experience.

If selected, you will pre-record your presentation and upload it to your own Youtube or Vimeo account. Your presentation should be 20-40 minutes in duration. Your video and other content you present will remain your property. If you are presenting as a team, you can apply as an individual and list your co-presenters in the topic outline. Applications close February 20.

Here is the list of recommended topics for you to choose from (you are free to rework a title to suit your presentation)

  1. INITIATING a relational school
    Why create a relational school?
    Getting Buy-In from school Staff
    Getting Buy-In from parents and students
    Communicating the vision
    Quick start modules
    Drafting a sustainable strategy
    A guiding coalition – creating an Implementation Team
    Mistakes to avoid
    Measuring readiness
    Schoolwide Professional development rollout
  2. ESTABLISHING a relational school
    How to move from planning to establishing
    Overcoming barriers in the consolidation phase
    Generate short term wins
    Anti-bullying initiatives
    Forming an implementation team
    Tailoring a strategy for your school
    Evaluating/Measuring Implementation Fidelity
    Transforming your school culture
    Mistakes to avoid
    Establishing Restorative Discipline Policies
    Professional Development
    Training staff for a relational culture
    Teaching kids about this approach through the curriculum
    Measuring Outcomes – using data to highlight progress
    Advocacy & support inside and outside the school
    Working in the space with other agencies 
    Restorative Agreements
  3. SUSTAINING a relational school
    How to move from establishing to sustainability
    Keeping the vision
    Overcoming barriers to long term sustainability
    Embedding long term cultural change
    My whole school restorative journey
    Linking and resourcing parents
    Integrating RP with other initiatives .
    Case studies in sustainable relational schools
    When to ask for specialised help
    Relational schools for special needs
    Trauma informed relational schools
    Effective induction for new staff and new students
    High turnover in the school leadership – what then?

Optional title
This is my preferred topic. (Select from list above)
150-200 word summary of your topic.
Presenters must submit their final presentation via recorded video on Youtube, Vimeo or similar. You may also be selected in a live Zoom panel discussion.
Tell us about your experience in this restorative/relational schooling. 150-200 words.